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  • How do I keep my earrings clean
    As simple as a wet cloth or some baby wipes. Please DO NOT use alcohol based wet wipes or sanitizers as they will damage the gold/stainless steel findings and clay.
  • Aren't the earrings heavy?
    Nope! not at all. Polymerclay, when baked, is extremely light..thus why we can go bigger when designing them because we don't have to compromise for the weight. You can wear them all night long without "feeling" them :)
  • How do I order a custom pair?
    Yay! we love custom orders, please follow these steps to order your own. Find some inspirational images of what you are thinking about. Go to the contact us section and pop us a mail with these images attached. Give us as much detail as you can. We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your design ideas.
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