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The brand


Hellohaai is a MINIMAL & MODERN clay jewellery company based in Cape Town, South Africa.


We specialise in bespoke bridal and savvy bridesmaids earrings to make sure the whole tribe is taken care of. Each piece is designed, with the core value of creating high quality craftsmanship in each design. 

Hellohaai celebrates creativity, sophistication and

self-confidence within every woman. We strive to awaken the inner diva and inner confidence of every woman who wears a pair.

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The proud owner & designer


Dear Lovely.

Designing has always been a big passion of mine along with always knowing I was meant to have my own business. This finally became a reality when Hellohaai was born from just a small idea, big hopes, little finances, but massive dreams.


Doing something you love means never working a day in your life. So lovely's, dare to dream. Wear your confidence with pride. Never dim that inner flame for anyone and remember to always be a VAAAIB.



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